Finance and Lawyers

Let’s imagine you and your partner are planning to start developing a game. How should you correctly register ownership and shareholding proportions between the founders, so as to avoid conflicts in future? History knows many examples where a successful game project fell into pieces because of a conflict among shareholders. And in nearly each of such cases there were problems related to poor verbal agreements, texting in instant messengers, etc. Those problems can be avoided if all possible scenarios are specified in an agreement at the initial stage.

Or, for instance, you have developed a prototype of a game and want to attract investments. Who owns the intellectual property (art, program code, music) and where is it documented? What if you part ways with an employee whom you pay unofficially and he will put in a claim for the art he developed? Risks of this kind can make an investor refuse to join an attractive project.

Maybe you have already published your game and would like to receive payments from stores, but are unaware of how it can be done regarding optimizing tax and fees burdens?

We can help you arrange all the legal and financial paperwork properly.