ASO and Marketing

After fixing bugs determined during a playtest, one can proceed to the soft launch stage. The main task of the soft launch is to understand with the effectiveness of various game mechanics with the help of a relatively small group, detect and fix hidden bugs, understand monetization. If everything is done correctly, some major target data such as Retention 1, 7, 30 days and ARPU can be obtained prior to the launch. Sometimes ARPPU and Paying conversion are also analyzed. Right after the launch of the product its indicators will be much lower from the target ones. By making improvements in the game, analyzing exit points, adjusting balance and debugging it is possible to reach performance target in due time. A well-prepared soft launch takes from three to six months.

A marketing specialist certainly joins the process at this stage in order to give developers feedback on major indicators by making experiments with different player segments and saving advertising budget.

Optimization of the product for application shops (ASO) must receive special attention. A properly made ASO can result in 500–1,000 free installations on each platform a day, which ensures perfect synergy with traffic purchasing.

Our team has seven specialists on organic and paid traffic, as well as a Makemobi affiliate network working with the CPI-model.