Analytics and Expertise

The mobile game market has faced much fiercer competition in recent years. Among the leaders of TOP 50 gamers rated by revenues at Google Play and App Store are large companies with substantial financial resources and marketing budgets, no indie developers topping the list though. Some time ago those large companies themselves were young indie game development teams!

Even though today’s world of mobile games is a ‘Red Ocean’, interesting games appear quite often, thus bringing their developers, investors and publishers decent revenues.

A thorough analysis needs to be done before starting developing a game. The focus of this analysis has to be on the current market situation: what players like today, what genres are in the hottest trend, what genres are just beginning to gain traction, and which ones have fallen out of favor and died.

Sadly, our experience shows that only one out of ten indie developers carry out at least minimal analysis and take some advice before they begin game development, which naturally results in numerous unviable projects that will never be able to take off.

So, the initial analysis of the choice of the game genre, niche and setting must take place. Is competition too harsh? How unique are the advantages of the game concept? Those are the topics and questions that require close attention. Our community can offer dozens of game analysts and game designers able to evaluate the idea BEFORE hundreds and thousands of hours are spent on its implementation.

The second and equally important step that makes sense is gaining backing from investors and publishers. Yes, yes, this move is a must BEFORE you start developing your game. Holding a few meetings will be helpful to clarify the following: what type of evaluation a certain investor requires, at what stage the investor might be willing to come, what KPI to Retention, ARPU and other